MAEC Language

Malware Attribute Enumeration and Characterization (MAEC™) is a standardized language for sharing structured information about malware based upon attributes such as behaviors, artifacts, and attack patterns. The goal of MAEC is to eliminate ambiguity and inaccuracy in malware descriptions, reduce duplication of malware analysis efforts, improve general awareness of malware, and decrease overall response time to malware threats, per the use cases.

Current Release

The current release of the MAEC Language is listed below. Examples are provided as part of the release to help users better understand how MAEC can be used. Previous releases are available in the releases archive.

MAEC Version 4.1 (Official)

Developer Support

For those interested in creating, manipulating, or working with MAEC content, please visit the MAECProject GitHub repositories. The MAEC content hosted on GitHub includes Python APIs and scripts to support development of MAEC-enabled applications, as well as translator utilities to convert between MAEC and various other formats.

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Page Last Updated: February 10, 2014